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We did it and we know you can too because webinars are huge! After our very first one, which lasted 60 minutes, we achieved $12,500 in sales. Can you imagine? We were blown away. So, of course, we did more of them – again with lucrative results.

What we’re about to share with you is a six-module webinar series that delivers tons of proven tips & techniques for creating, promoting & presenting magnetic webinars. Discover how to explode your brand . . . generate leads . . . build your lists . . . motivate response . . . and more.

We’ve made mistakes & learned from them. Now we’re going to pull back the curtains and show you step-by-step success strategies designed to help you put money in the bank! Strategies you can implement immediately and get results from instantly.

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You Gain Access to:

Magnetic Webinars
  • Six 90-minute webinars
  • Series of 10 detailed blueprints for mapping out your webinar
  • Secure member download areas for unlimited video and audio replays
  • PDF transcript
  • Bonuses valued at $1,791

  1. The Psychology of Webinar Marketing
    What makes your prospects “tick” and influences them to sign up for one of your webinars?
    • 3 criteria that draw your prospects to you – become known as the “go-to guy” in your field.
    • How to expand your target audience so your list increases dramatically.
    • 4 reasons why webinars are more powerful than eBooks.
    • 4 potent audience motivators - what entices your prospects to respond?
    • The power of persuasion - the keys to attracting hundreds of attendees.
    • The 4 essential characteristics of compelling profit-generating offers.
    • 6 ways to consistently create ongoing interaction during your event.
    • How to get your audience to take action - fast!

  2. Building Your Business Empire with Webinars
    In this module, the incentives for a variety of webinar models are not only outlined, but dissected, illustrated and explained so you can determine what works best for you. Then, start implementing them right away to drastically increase your leads & get results. By the end of the session, you’ll know:
    • More than a dozen Webinar models that can generate business for you.
    • 6 keys to how webinars accelerate your business’ growth.
    • How conversions from your webinar outpace those from a sales letter.
    • 5 powerful pointers for developing a dynamite sales webinar.
    • How creating partnerships can expand your mailing list, not to mention, boost your profits.
    • Guidelines for presenting free webinars vs. paid ones.
    • 6 strategies for effectively using webinars for coaching & consulting.
    • How Lewis & Chris turned an idea into a successful webinar within weeks - you can too!
    • 6 simple ways to test your market before you get going.

  3. Setting Up Your Webinar for Success
    Here it is! This power-packed module covers the step-by-step success blueprint for setting up & executing your webinar - from start to finish. Find out how a compelling registration page can ‘make or break’ your webinar along with:
    • Tips for achieving 50% response rates on your registration page.
    • The pros & cons of a using a template registration form vs. a custom-made page.
    • Sean’s design secret for achieving skyrocketing conversion rates – it’s amazing.
    • A great way to deliver bonus offers and increase your conversion rates.
    • The best days & times to offer your webinar for optimal results.
    • A design feature you should NOT use in live webinars.

  4. Making Your Webinar Magnetic
    You’ve transformed your idea into a marketable webinar. Now, how do you entice prospects to attend? Getting eager, attentive attendees to sign up and show up is the next step. And, that takes promotion. This module walks you through the entire process of making your webinars truly magnetic. It includes:
    • A blueprint for promoting your event “the right way.”
    • How to avoid e-mail overwhelm when promoting your event.
    • 2 valued resources for e-mail marketing - the ones we like the most.
    • 6 pointers for effectively using Facebook to promote your event.
    • 7 tips for making the most out of your LinkedIn connections to announce your webinar.
    • How to maximize your blog posts to generate new webinar leads.
    • Should you use ads on Facebook & LinkedIn?

  5. The Art of a Great Presentation
    Since our first webinar, we’ve experienced all kids of issues from attendees being unable to log in or not even hear us. It was frustrating. However, we dealt with it and continued on. From your PowerPoint slides to recording & managing your event, discover how to prevent glitches and present your webinar like you’re a seasoned pro. This session covers:
    • The 2 types of webinar presentations - which one is for you?
    • 7 key components for creating your free webinar.
    • The power of social proof - how to establish credibility with your audience.
    • Tips for recording your event without a hitch & resources to help you succeed.
    • Presenting live or pre-recorded? The benefits & pitfalls of each.

  6. Webinar Follow Up Strategies
    You’ve done it. You produced, promoted & presented your webinar. You may think “that’s it,” but there’s more. After all, prospects don’t always take action the first time around. Continue to dramatically increase sales and build your empire with the tips revealed in this last module. They include:
    • The importance of follow up after your webinar is over - yes, keep on selling!
    • How to create a sense of urgency so prospects respond quickly.
    • Should you offer a replay of the webinar?
    • Tips for getting the most value out of your e-mail list & using it wisely.
    • How to use GoToWebinar to export e-mail lists.
    • Why you may not want to offer a replay.

Steve KloydaAfter attending the Magnetic Webinar series, I followed the mind map step-by-step and launched a free webinar.

Imagine my surprise when, at the end of the session, I had 425 people register for my advanced series. This translated into $5700 in sales – after one 60-minute session.

Lewis, Sean and Chris are masters. I simply did what they told me and it worked like a charm.

— Steve Kloyda, The Prospecting Expert

Save $500 and Get a Bonus Package Valued at $1,791
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500 Million Strong500millionstrong Bootcamp - easy-to-follow modules for maximizing the power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and videos.

Shy Networking ShyNetworking - down-to-earth, common-sense pointers for putting yourself out in the marketplace and networking with others - whether you’re shy or not. Includes great tips for online & offline networking.

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Save $500 and Get a Bonus Package Valued at $1,791
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